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CYBRO Presale Soars with 25M Tokens Sold Out

The crypto market is buzzing with opportunities. As the bull run surges in 2024, five standout altcoins are catching attention. These coins offer unique features and strong potential for growth. Readers will find detailed insights and reasons why these altcoins should be on their radar now.

CYBRO Presale Soars with 25M Tokens Sold Out

CYBRO, a unique marketplace enhancing the native yield potential of the Blast blockchain, is moving fast. Early investors have the chance to join the CYBRO token presale on highly favourable terms.

Currently, CYBRO tokens are being sold at more than a 50% discount off their expected future market price, offering an impressive ROI of 300%. With a limited token supply, nearly 25M tokens have already been snapped up. The sooner you buy, the bigger the discount. Moreover, investors who contribute at least $1,000 during the presale will receive weekly ETH rewards, withdrawable after the Token Generation Event (TGE).

Secure $CYBRO at the Best Price NOW to Achieve 300% Profits

The CYBRO token provides numerous benefits, including cashback in CYBRO, reduced fees for trading and lending, staking rewards, exclusive airdrops, and access to the Insurance Program. These utilities will establish a strong foundation for CYBRO’s value growth post-TGE in Q3 2024.

Investing in CYBRO allows you to expand your crypto portfolio through various vaults on Blast, the only Layer 2 blockchain offering default yields for ETH and stablecoin staking. CYBRO aims to deliver the highest possible returns for each strategy while maintaining a user-friendly and transparent interface.

Polygon (MATIC) Price Overview: Bearish Trend and Key Levels to Watch

Polygon (MATIC) is trading in the $0.67 to $0.73 range. The price is in a corrective phase, with a one-week decline of 6.04% and a one-month drop of 4.11%. The nearest resistance level is $0.78, while the nearest support is $0.64. With the RSI at 42.15 and a bearish MACD, MATIC shows potential for further downside. The six-month price dip stands at 14.63%.

Cosmos (ATOM) Price Struggles to Gain Momentum

Cosmos (ATOM) is currently in a price range of $8.01 to $8.74. The coin faces resistance at $9.19 and $9.92, with support at $7.73 and $6.99. Its 10-day and 100-day simple moving averages are close, sitting at $8.34 and $8.35, respectively. The RSI is 42.89, and the Stochastic is 21.87, indicating weak momentum. MACD is slightly negative at -0.01. The price has dropped by 4.10% in the past week, 4.34% in the last month, and 14.66% in six months, showing corrective moves.

Chainlink’s (LINK) current price range is between $16.96 and $19.28. The coin is in a corrective move. LINK recently saw a one-week price drop of 6.46% but had a one-month rise of 22.49%. The six-month change is 14.95%. It’s near a support level of $15.76, with resistance at $20.42. With an RSI of 39.21, Stochastic at 37.79, and MACD at -0.11, prices are below the 100-day SMA of $18.14, indicating a potential stabilization zone.

Stellar (XLM) Price Overview: Eyes on Resistance Levels

Stellar (XLM) is trading between $0.10 and $0.11. Over the past week, XLM has dropped by 6.63%. For the past month, it’s down by 6.98%, and over six months, it has fallen by 17.50%. Indicators show a corrective move, with RSI at 37.74 and Stochastic at 9.96. If the support at $0.10 holds, a push to $0.11 could be next.


MATIC, ATOM, LINK, and XLM show a promising future but may offer less short-term potential. CYBRO stands out as a unique marketplace utilizing the Blast blockchain’s innate earning possibilities. It is set to launch its first version in Q2 2024. Early investors have an opportunity to get favourable terms by joining the CYBRO token presale. The entry into CYBRO now appears highly beneficial. This allows one to capitalize on its early stage and significant future growth.

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