Will Altcoin Season Follow the GameStop Pump? 5 Best Cryptos to Buy Now

After a three-year hiatus, the GameStop frenzy has resumed and its price has increased by 59% today.

The last time GameStop exploded, liquidity rotated from meme stocks to crypto, igniting Dogecoin’s rise to a $80 billion market cap and Solana’s 66x pump to a $78 billion market cap.

Adding to the excitement, analyst CryptoAmsterdam noted that the current altcoin market cap is the same as when GameStop first pumped in 2021 and altcoins then followed.

As such, the recent GameStop explosion creates a favourable environment for the cryptocurrency market to enter a new altcoin season. 

Therefore, this article explores the five best cryptos to buy now. Let’s begin.

99Bitcoins Token

99Bitcoins token is the latest initiative from the prestigious 99Bitcoins media company. The outlet boasts a decade-long track record of providing high-quality industry news and content.

However, 99Bitcoins is now taking on the education sector with its new Learn-to-Earn platform and accompanying $99BTC token.

The token is currently undergoing a presale, allowing investors to buy in at a pre-market price. It is available for $0.00105, but this price will rise throughout the presale, with the next uptick in six days.

$99BTC grants users access to the new Learn-to-Earn layer, where they can generate free crypto rewards by advancing through the educational content.

In addition, holders get BRC20 tools and education, crypto trading signals, a VIP community group, staking, and more.

The gamified Learn-to-Earn platform offers a spectacular revelation in crypto education, establishing an immersive and engaging means to bolster the market’s collective knowledge.

However, with incremental price increases baked into the 99Bitcoins token presale, potential buyers should not wait around.


Introducing cross-chain technology into the meme coin domain, Dogeverse is the first doge-themed cryptocurrency to go multichain.

The project is in the closing stages of its presale, having raised over $15 million.

Dogeverse is available on the most prominent blockchains outside of Bitcoin: Ethereum, Solana, Base, Polygon, BSC, and Avalanche.


Its unprecedented multichain approach encapsulates the essence of memetic culture, establishing a unified community that overlooks the menial differences of blockchain technicalities.

The meme coin vanguard has also ushered in a staking layer, rewarding holders while stimulating price stability and long-term potential.

Stakers can notch a 57% APY, but this will decrease as the staking pool grows.

Analysts have picked up on Dogeverse’s early success and captivating use case, with Jacob Bury speculating it could be the “best crypto to buy now.”

However, with the Dogeverse presale ending soon, traders are against the clock to secure their tokens at a fixed ICO price.


WienerAI is a new cutting-edge AI cryptocurrency packaged behind the playful exterior of a sausage-dog-themed meme coin.

The project will deliver predictive, instant, noob-friendly, and MEV-free trading powered by AI. 

This equips users with a groundbreaking trading edge, but its consumer-facing packaging is all about meme culture and community.


WienerAI is based on a sausage dog who is rallying a “sausage army” to dominate the meme coin market.

Other projects, like MemeAI and Scotty the AI, have taken a similar approach to blending crypto’s two hottest narratives. However, WienerAI’s unwavering commitment to user experience and technological prowess makes it a contender for “top dog” status.

As per its website, “When it goes public, the listing price will be much higher.”

The current presale price is $0.000707, but it will increase in two days. Investors can buy $WAI with ETH, BNB, or bank card.


A common principle of investing is that winners continue to win, and that’s great for Pepe as its price has outperformed the market following GameStop’s price explosion.

Pepe is currently trading at $0.0000113, up 11% today, 43% this week, and 99% this month. It holds a $4.7 billion market cap and a $3.7 billion 24-hour trading volume.

This makes it the 23rd-largest crypto by market cap but the sixth-largest by volume. Indeed, such strong trading volume reflects the market’s tremendous interest in the token and paves the way for further gains.

Pepe currently stands as the third largest meme coin but is the largest by trading volume.

Max Schwartzman, CEO of Because Bitcoin, anticipates Pepe will lead the meme coin sector like Dogecoin in 2021.

“Once BTC finally goes on to make a new ATH, I expect the frog to be a market leader again. The similarities to Doge’s last cycle continue to reveal themself,” he wrote.


Another top-performing large-cap crypto this week has been Toncoin. While other top 10 cryptocurrencies have bled, Toncoin has displayed notable strength, soaring by 22% and recovering from the recent market-wide sell-off.

It is currently trading at $7.01 and remains approximately at breakeven today and this month. TON has a $24.3 billion market cap and a $418 million 24-hour trading volume, down 44%.

Toncoin is a Telegram-native blockchain that provides the application’s 900 million users with access to crypto.

It has seen spectacular success in terms of adoption, adding almost 1 million active wallets this month. Still, its relation to Telegram establishes a distinct narrative that could fuel continued growth looking ahead.

Crypto Rover speculated that Toncoin could “pull a 10x from here.”

Meanwhile, MacnBTC said that Toncoin is “the most promising ecosystem after Solana.”

He continued, “These guys have a company with billions of non-crypto users, are crazy well funded, and have an established CEO.”

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