Next runner in Pepe’s Narrative is Kermit on Solana.

It’s been a wild 72  hours since Kermit launched on Pump.Fun- the fairest way to launch Solana tokens where LP is burnt. It skyrocketed with the support of well-known KOLs, the dev burnt over 70% of the supply, but then for whatever reason, we thought Kermit was over. 

Kermit is the most well-known Frog in the world according to ChatGPT and some leaders saw this. A CTO has taken place taking Kermit to new ATHs over $1m market cap as we look at the amphibious frog for Solana.  A community takeover on Solana typically happens when the team has no more supply but the community appreciates the vision so much they make the decision to work together and push it. It’s been phenomenal watching holders orchestrate VCs, raids and even marketing.

As Kermit says ’It’s nice to be important, but it’s important to be nice.’ That’s what the strong Kermit community is all about, and we encourage you to join us as Kermit makes a name for himself on Solana- The community are now the devs, whales and driving factor for this token and that’s why I wanted to cover it- the healthiest tokens tend to be CTOs, because devs are greedy. I truly believe this had to be the case for us to target a MCAP similar to Pepe. 

We are confident that Kermit is following in the footsteps of Pepe, Wif, BOME and Mog enroute to a 9-figure market cap. The narrative with Pepe is that not everybody was familiar with the Shiba Inu and thus Pepe created the most well-known meme in the world. However, ChatGPT argues differently- Kermit is the world’s most loved frog! Alongside this, we know Kermit was made in 1955. The muppets are legendary and it’s time they made it on chain!

Pepe can stay on ETH because Solana is for Kermit. I want to see everybody who interacts with this article picking up a bag and working for that bag- raids, VCs or even memes. The community is contributing everything and that’s caused an unheard-of reversal from $15k MCAP to over $5m. – Here’s the website if you want to check it out, it has the right CA and socials on it still.

 CA:  C1bGfsqQM2US2Xx8dQf1mcPbYt3t9uFZGjsujMuh7ezt

I repeat! This is not just PR but a CTO, all buyers should be actively participating in the token (raids, interactions) so looking forward to seeing you in the telegram!

Go ahead and join the telegram and be a part of the most empowered meme community on Solana at the moment. As of writing, the community is organising the next leg up. With a CTO you can get real alpha being on the ground.

Alongside this, join us on X as the CTO team posts the funniest memes as well as more alpha on the project

Thanks for reading. $KERMIT

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