Cryptocurrencies For This Year – 5thScape, DLUME, and more !

Are you struggling to pick the best cryptocurrencies to invest this year? Your brain’s swirling battle is totally understandable. The current scenario in the crypto market can be quite confusing for investors, with new projects surfacing every day! It can be hard to pick a crypto project when there are so many opportunities available.

This article will try to solve your confusion with our curated list of the seven best cryptocurrencies to invest this year. You do not want to miss out on these seven promising crypto tokens in 2024!

7 Best Cryptocurrencies To Invest This Year

These are our seven curated picks of the best cryptocurrencies to invest this year and have monumental gains from your crypto portfolio! 

  1. 5thScape (5SCAPE)
  2. DarkLume (DLUME)
  3. SimuGaze (SGAZE)
  4. Ripple (XRP)
  5. Monero (MONERO/XMR)
  6. Filecoin (FIL)
  7. yPredict (YPRED)

Get ready to learn in-depth insights about these seven best cryptocurrencies that you need to watch out for this year! 

5thScape (5SCAPE)

Say hello to a VR ecosystem that offers all-in-one immersive experiences! Be it games, movies, or educational content, the all-encompassing VR hub of 5thScape opens up a thrilling world of virtual escapades for its investors. The project goes a step further with its launch of VR accessories, including an ergonomic VR chair called SwiftScape and an ultra HD VR headset that lets you experience the VR world in high resolution.

    Explore the interactive VR games, watch VR movies that can have you on the edge of your seat – heart pounding in your chest, or enhance your skill sets with the educational content that 5thScape offers – all within a single suite. This virtual ecosystem is accessible to the 5SCAPE native token holders. 

    It is not just an excellent utility token to experience the thrill of VR technology but also an investment opportunity that stands out due to the technological advancements and growing adoptions in this field. 

    DarkLume (DLUME)

    Metaverse enthusiasts now have a new virtual space to indulge in fun activities with DarkLume‘s leisure-focused Metaverse platform. Buy virtual citizenships to different countries, interact with your friends or new people from across the globe, and participate in other social activities with the new DarkLume metaverse world!

      While most of this project’s “fun parts” are yet to be revealed,  the platform is already grabbing the attention of people who like the idea of metaverse as a transformative way of digital interactions. It goes beyond just the social interactions that the other contenders in the metaverse industry offer, and this differentiation factor sets it apart.

      DarkLume, run by the DLUME token, is also at its first presale round and positions itself as an interesting crypto investment option for 2024. 

      Visit DarkLume VR

      SimuGaze (SGAZE)

      SimuGaze, the newest crypto project in the town, is all about VR racing simulations that have sent a buzz in the online gaming community. It is a one-of-a-kind blockchain-based racing simulation games platform that provides multiple experiences as per VR gaming enthusiasts’ preferences. Some of its key simulation games include VR Formula-1 Style Racing, Street Rally, and Bike Blitz, with visuals that can give you surrealistic vibes. 

        The project is run by its native token, SGAZE, which is the best cryptocurrency to invest this year! It is available at a value-driven pricing as the project is in its first round of presale. This VR simulation gaming-linked project is worth considering in 2024 as the VR industry faces a dynamic disruption for good. 

        Ripple (XRP)

        Just a positive nod from the SEC has proven to be a game-changing moment for the ecosystem and pricing of Ripple—XRP! Investors who were waiting for the positive outcome from the lawsuit against Ripple are finally fulfilling their pent-up desire to invest in XRP, making it one of the best cryptocurrencies to invest this year. 

          Ripple as a platform is a resolution to make international transactions quicker and more effortless. Hence, many esteemed institutions are adapting it to make their payment systems hassle-free. And now, with zero doubts about its reliability, the platform will soon see a surge in its adoption by more and more credible institutions that can leverage its transformative technology. 

          The XRP token of the Ripple platform works as a “fee token” that lowers the fee of actual transactions facilitated through Ripple’s ecosystem. It also acts as an intermediary when a transaction between two parties on the Ripple platform is made using different currencies. Overall, it is an essential part of running the Ripple platform, which makes it a precious cryptocurrency token that one should have in one’s portfolio this year. 

          Monero (MONERO/XMR)

          Monero has crossed the horizon by becoming a “mode of payment” instead of being limited to the tag of a crypto token! It is the most stealth mode of payment that has ever existed. As a user, when you make a payment through Monero, your transaction details become entirely untraceable.

            The RingCT technology leveraged by Monero obscures the transaction amount. On the other hand, your transaction ID stays untraceable as it is not permanently linked to your account or device. Each new transaction through Monero gets a fresh new transaction ID. 

            Investors who are looking forward to a privacy-focused future of facilitating transactions find Monero (XMR) a compelling investment opportunity. It is one of the best payment options for journalists, whistleblowers, or investigation officials who need to keep their identities hidden. 

            Filecoin (FIL)

            Move away from the traditional cloud storage methods that you have been using to safe-keep your essential files or data. Filecoin, a game-changing platform for online data storage solutions, uses peer-to-peer technology to store your data and prevents a single entity from having the entire control of it. The data you upload on Filecoin is stored across a distributed network of computers present globally. 

              The platform also rewards its users by allowing them to use unused space on their computers. By allowing the Filecoin platform to utilise the spare space, one can earn its native token FIL. If you are doubtful about the reliability of the platform and how secure it is to safe-keep your data within it, you must know about the two technologies that it works on: “proof-of-replication” and “proof-of-spacetime”. These technologies, or “proof systems”, ensure integrity and uptime (making your data accessible to you all the time!)

              The FIL token is undoubtedly a unique investment opportunity. Filecoin’s base technology is set to give traditional cloud storage systems a run for their money. You may consider it one of the best cryptocurrencies to invest this year. 

              yPredict (YPRED)

              AI-based algorithms are lately making it hard for crypto traders to analyze market conditions correctly and gauge the right investment opportunities. This is when a platform like yPredict comes in as a light of hope to make crypto investment decisions more straightforward and quicker than before. yPredict offers a comprehensive AI-based tools set that can be accessed through its YPRED utility token.

                These tools have the ability to use AI signals for precise market prediction and analysis. They can detect any risks or even the positive factors involved in a crypto project of your choice. The platform also offers a marketplace where one can purchase a premium monthly subscription of prediction models offered by expert financial data analysts. These analyses, market sentiment summaries, and predictions for any crypto project can give a crypto investor the right direction toward a mindful investment.

                Furthermore, yPredict’s AI-powered tools are making the lives of crypto investors easier by saving them from the hassles of picking the best cryptocurrencies to invest in this year. The YPRED token is soon to see staggering demand, with the platform’s popularity growing multifold day after day. This factor can push its price value beyond the limits and set it up as one of the highest-growing cryptocurrencies for the year 2024. 

                Final Thoughts About The 7 Best Cryptocurrencies To Invest This Year 

                2024 can be an exciting year for crypto enthusiasts as it is the year of the “Bitcoin halving” event, which carries an urban legend of being the facilitator of a crypto market bull rally. Investors can make the most out of this bull run by picking lucrative crypto projects as investment options that have long-term growth opportunities, too.

                To filter down your options to such opportunities, you should look into the technology that the crypto project is being backed with.

                For example, SGAZE, backed by the growing VR market, may see unprecedented pricing growth once VR technology doubles its user base in the coming years.

                The other project with strong technological backing is DLUME, the DarkLume metaverse platform’s token. It will keep gaining momentum as famous personalities like Mark Zuckerberg (founder/CEO of META) and Satya Nadella (CEO of Microsoft) continue to promote the metaverse technology. 

                Keep a positive mindset towards such up-and-coming crypto projects to maximize the returns from your crypto investments. Their market-disrupting tendencies and the opportune for the room for growth that they come with are two great factors! Remember to always keep your crypto portfolio diversified and well-balanced with traditional coins and promising altcoins.

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