BlastUP Token Supply Depletes as Presale Is in Its Final Week 

Celestia (TIA) and Floki Inu (FLOKI) are showing signs of breaking their bearish trends. With the bull run of 2024 underway, the market is buzzing with potential shifts. The upcoming analysis dives into which other cryptos might follow this pattern. It’s an exciting time for the crypto community, as trends are set to change. Stay tuned to find out which tokens could be next to surge.

BlastUP Token Supply Depletes as Presale Is in Its Final Week 

The BlastUP presale is making waves in the market, quickly raising over $7 million and attracting more than 17,000 investors in just a few months. With nearly 70% of $BLP tokens designated for the presale already snapped up, investors are in a frenzy to secure their share of this innovative launchpad platform.

As the presale approaches its conclusion, $BLP tokens are available at a 35% discount until May 31st, before being listed on the DEX at $0.1. Hailed by crypto experts as a hidden gem, the BlastUP token is projected to potentially surge by 1000% by the year’s end.

Grab Your BlastUP Tokens Today for Ultimate Returns!

BlastUP accelerates the growth and profitability of crypto startups. As it continues to advance, BlastUP is dedicated to building a global hub for the Blast community, offering benefits to all participants in its ecosystem.

Looking ahead, BlastUP’s roadmap extends into 2026, with plans to introduce AI-driven tools and a Community Marketplace, further enhancing the ecosystem’s capabilities.

The BlastUP token, a pivotal element of the platform, grants access to tiered IDO launches, staking rewards, and exclusive loyalty perks.

Celestia (TIA) Shows Strong Growth Potential Amid Market Fluctuations

Celestia (TIA) is currently trading between $8.45 and $10.25. The coin has seen a 16.41% rise in the past week and an 8.99% increase over the past month. Over six months, it has surged by 86.20%. With a nearest resistance level at $11.19 and support at $7.59, the RSI of 71.16 and Stochastic of 88.82 suggest overbought conditions. The price is in an impulsive move, indicating strong upward momentum.

FLOKI Price Overview: Momentum and Potential Moves in the Near Term

FLOKI is trading in the range of $0.0001945 to $0.0002511. The price has surged, with a one-week change of 36.24% and a one-month change of 69.45%. Over the past six months, FLOKI has risen 818.70%. The next resistance is at $0.0002765, while support sits at $0.0001635. With an RSI of 58.87, FLOKI shows positive momentum. The price appears to be in an impulsive move.

Starknet (STRK) Price Outlook: Potential for Growth Amid Mild Correction

The current price of Starknet (STRK) ranges between $1.0897 and $1.3579. Over the past week, the coin has seen a 2.263% increase, but it’s down by 1.544% over the past month. Despite a 514.518% rise over the last six months, recent data shows mild corrective moves. Key support rests at $0.922, with resistance at $1.458.STRK’s RSI at 40.064 and MACD of -0.013 suggest potential for growth.

NEAR Protocol (NEAR) Price Movement Analysis and Forecast

The NEAR Protocol (NEAR) is currently trading within a range of $7.31 to $8.35. The coin has seen a 7.69% drop in the past week, but a 7.11% increase over the past month. Over the last six months, NEAR has surged by 325.46%. The nearest resistance level is at $8.88, while the nearest support level sits at $6.80. With a 10-day simple moving average of $7.70 and an RSI of 43.99, the price appears to be in a corrective move.


TIA, FLOKI, STRK, and NEAR show limited potential in the short term. However, BlastUP appears to have the highest potential. The project stands out due to its unique concept and integration within the Blast ecosystem. This makes it a strong contender in the ongoing bull run of 2024.

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