BlastUP Presale Nears Completion with Nearly $7 Million Raised

The possible approval of an ETH-based ETF has sparked excitement in the cryptocurrency sector. As the bull run of 2024 continues to gain momentum, particular coins are poised to benefit immensely from this development. Investors are eager to find out which cryptocurrencies will ride the upward trajectory alongside the second-largest coin by market capitalization. This article dives into the specifics, offering valuable insight for those looking to capitalize on the ensuing market movements.

BlastUP Presale Nears Completion with Nearly $7 Million Raised

The BlastUP presale is approaching its final stage, having successfully surpassed the significant milestone of raising nearly $7 million. Already, more than 15,000 astute investors have secured their BlastUP tokens, anticipating a substantial increase in value.

There is still time left until the end of May for investors to enhance their cryptocurrency portfolios with BlastUP tokens, which are poised for potentially explosive returns of up to 1000%. Currently priced at just a few US cents, the tokens are forecasted to soar to $10 by the year’s end.

BlastUP offers its token holders several advantages, such as eligibility for airdrops, exclusive loyalty rewards for participating in Initial DEX Offerings (IDOs), and the opportunity to earn interest through staking.

Setting itself apart in the crowded cryptocurrency market, BlastUP is supported by Blast, the sixth-largest blockchain by total value locked (TVL), and provides real utility as a launchpad for decentralized application (DApp) projects.

Embracing the motto “Grow faster, earn more,” BlastUP is committed to accelerating the success of blockchain startups. By joining BlastUP now, participants become part of a promising project that is positioned to make significant strides during this bull run.

Polygon (MATIC) Price Analysis and Future Outlook

Polygon’s price fluctuates between $0.64 and $0.72, recently experiencing an 8.62% rise over the past week but a slight drop of 1.12% in the last month. Over six months, it shows a decline of 8.55%. Currently, the price faces a ceiling at $0.76, with a stronger barrier at $0.84, and is supported at $0.60, with a further cushion at $0.52.

MATIC’s average price has been around $0.72 over ten days, closely mirroring the hundred-day average of $0.71. With an RSI of 33.74 indicating it isn’t overbought, coupled with a very low Stochastic value of 8.15, and a minimal negative MACD, Polygon’s price appears to be in a corrective phase rather than an impulsive move, suggesting caution among investors.

Sui Price Analysis: Swift Rise Amid Market Interest

Sui’s recent price performance shows a sharp uptick, with last week’s surge of over 21% catching market attention. The coin currently trades between $0.91 and $1.13, with buyers eyeing the next resistance at $1.23. If momentum continues, the next target could be set at $1.45. However, if selling pressure returns, Sui might retest support levels at $0.78 and possibly $0.56.

While the price has dipped roughly 20% in the past month, the six-month view shows Sui gaining an impressive 85%. Current indicators suggest the price movement is in a corrective phase, considering the RSI stands at 35.22, hinting at a potentially undervalued state. With short-term averages exceeding longer-term figures, Sui’s price action seems to have strong buyer interest at this stage.

Sei Price Movement and Prediction

Sei (SEI) has seen a significant price increase over the past six months, with a growth rate of 172.39%. This uptrend shows strong buying interest. Over the last week, SEI rose by 19.72%, but it experienced a slight drop of 7.45% over the last month. Currently, SEI is in the price range of $0.45 to $0.59, with the nearest resistance level at $0.67, suggesting that if it breaks through, the price could move higher.

The closest support level is at $0.37, which might stop the price from dropping further. Considering the low RSI and Stochastic values, SEI is potentially in a corrective move, but it could also indicate a buying opportunity if the support holds. The MACD level is around zero, showing no clear trend in the short term. Overall, if SEI maintains its momentum and breaks past its immediate resistance, we might see further price appreciation.

Starknet (STRK) Performance and Price Prediction

Starknet’s price has swung between $0.99 and $1.17 recently. It faces its next resistance at $1.28, with support at $0.93. After an impressive six-month rise of 486.49%, the coin has cooled down in the short term, with a 9.99% drop over the past month.

The current price tendency seems corrective, given that the Relative Strength Index is below the midpoint at 37.98, suggesting there’s room for price growth before entering the overbought zone. If the price breaks past the nearest resistance, it could target the second resistance level at $1.45. However, a fall below the closest support might push the price towards the second support at $0.75. Watching current trends, Starknet might see an upcoming recovery if it maintains above its support levels.


Approval of an ETH ETF will likely cause a surge in the price of certain coins. While MATIC, SUI, SEI, and STRK may see some growth, their short-term potential appears limited. BlastUP, however, stands out as having the highest potential for major gains. This project’s strength lies in its innovative concept and its integration within the Blast ecosystem, suggesting a promising outlook for its valuation.

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