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5 Micro Cap Crypto Gems to Track This May

With crypto prices recovering from April’s market-wide selloff, the month of May could present lucrative buying opportunities ahead of the next leg up.

However, those seeking the most upside potential should consider micro-cap cryptos. 

The low market caps of these projects often increase volatility, enabling much higher upswings in bullish market conditions.

People will often define micro-caps differently depending on their risk tolerance. For this article, we regard projects under a market cap under $50 million as microcaps.

Now, let’s explore the top five picks of the best microcaps to track.


Dogeverse is a pioneering meme coin and the first Doge-themed cryptocurrency to launch on multiple blockchains.

It is currently undergoing a presale and has raised over $13 million so far, reflecting tremendous excitement within the community.

The project’s epic chain-hopping adventure will span Ethereum, Solana, Base, BSC, Polygon, and Avalanche.

This feat exposes Dogeverse to unprecedented on-chain liquidity, bolstering its chances of a successful exchange launch.

What’s more, the multichain approach blurs the lines between blockchains, establishing a singular and unified meme coin community that overlooks the previously contested disputes about which network is best.

And in a bid for long-term success, Dogeverse has released a staking mechanism, which currently provides a 75% APY. However, this will decrease as more tokens are staked.

The Dogeverse presale is nearing its final stages, leaving little time for market participants to buy before its exchange launch.

Helium IOT

Decentralized physical infrastructure (DePIN) is one of crypto’s most promising narratives. While many DePIN projects focus on providing computational power for AI and other energy-intensive programs, Helium IOT looks to establish a decentralized internet infrastructure.

Currently, IOT is trading at $0.001168, down 4.9% today, 8.5% this week, and 17% this month. However, it is up 106% this year. The project holds a $30.8 million market cap.


Helium IOT is a Solana-native token, opening it to the network’s enthralling market dynamics and vast on-chain liquidity.

The project also boasts its own hardware called “Helium Hotspots.” With these devices, operators “can provide wireless network coverage for low power “internet of things” or cellular devices and earn Helium tokens.

Currently, over 900,000 Helium Hotspots are live globally, and over 380,000 of these are connected to Helium’s IOT network.


Sealana is the latest rendition of memetic excitement on the Solana presale circuit. The new seal-themed meme coin succeeds sensations like Book of Meme and Slerf, which each soared to astronomical market caps and printed slews of millionaires.

But fueled by ambitions of Lambos and outrageous gains, Sealana looks to outdo his predecessors, trading his way to meme coin stardom. 


Sealana is currently undergoing a presale and remains in its early stages, having raised $250K so far. This presents the perfect opportunity to get in early, 

Adding to the excitement, rumours are circulating that the Slerf team created Sealana. Given Slerf’s monumental post-presale success, this would be immensely bullish.

Sealana has received widespread coverage since its inception, with top analysts and media titans like CryptoPotato, BeInCrypto, and CoinGape all showing support. As such, it would be no surprise if a seasoned outfit like Slerf’s team was ensuring its momentum.

However, the Sealana presale has no predetermined hard cap, meaning potential investors must be fast or risk missing out.


While many AI cryptos have notched ten-figure market caps, a handful of promising projects remain in the microcap range. One of the strongest performers recently has been VPS AI.

The project is a decentralized AI and blockchain VPS GPU network.

VPS is trading at $0.04267. Its price is up 15% today, 11% this week, but down 3.2% this month. It currently holds a $3.7 million market cap.


Its recent strong performance marks an accelerating investor interest, and it has outpaced other AI cryptocurrencies today as the broader market takes a downturn.

VPS AI focuses heavily on attracting developers and customers to purchase cloud computing power. This marks an important distinction from many other AI projects, which focus on expanding their networks of GPU power.

While the most beneficial strategy remains debatable, VPS AI’s focus on growing revenue at an early stage could provide the financial resources for long-term growth and development.

Kira Network

Kira Network falls under the banner of data availability, a growing sector of cryptocurrencies that vie to bolster interoperability and communication between blockchains and dApps.

Currently, KEX is trading at $0.05137. It is up 5.4% today, down 14.8% this week, and down 35% this month. However, it is up 35% this year. 


The project’s market cap is $11 million, making it the smallest data availability crypto on CoinGecko and providing room for a 3x to catch the next biggest token.

According to its website, Kira Network is “pushing the limits of trustless computing” by empowering developers to code more seamlessly. 

With Kira, developers can “deploy code that can be trusted without the need for smart contracts, application-specific side chains, or operating any complex infrastructure.”

Despite its low market cap, the project boasts an impressive social media following of 20K X followers, with high-profile influencers like CryptoWizardd following it.

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