5 Best Altcoins to Buy this Week

As the crypto market continues to consolidate, traders are seeking the best altcoins that could explode on the next leg up.

With that in mind, this article provides five of the most promising altcoins to buy this week. We consider prices, trends, narratives, tokenomics, and expert opinions. Let’s dig in.

99Bitcoins Token

Currently undergoing a presale, the 99Bitcoins token offers a rare opportunity to buy a project with massive potential from the ground up.

The new crypto is launched by 99Bitcoins, an industry-leading media outlet with a track record spanning over one decade. 

Alongside a colossal news site readership, 99Bitcoins boasts over 700K YouTube and 2.8 million email subscribers.

However, its latest venture, a Learn-to-Earn platform, looks to revolutionize the crypto education industry, and the 99Bitcoins token is its backbone.

The new Learn-to-Earn platform will reward users for learning about cryptocurrency and facilitate self-directed learning through modules, quizzes, and courses.

Learners require the 99Bitcoin token to access the ecosystem, and the token will also provide benefits like BRC20 tools and education, a VIP community group, and trading signals.

Staking rewards are also at play. Users can garner a 1,400% APY, but this will decrease as the staking pool grows.

Indeed, this utility, combined with 99Bitcoins’ industry prestige, hints at the massive potential for the new 99Bitcoins token presale.

Mega Dice

Mega Dice is a hyper-successful crypto casino with an established track record and a myriad of impressive accolades. 

However, the platform is galvanizing its front-runner status by introducing a new gamification layer and Mega Dice token.

This is the latest initiative in a string of exciting developments by the team, and it aims to reward existing casino players while attracting new ones.


Mega Dice boasts over 50K players and currently books $50 million in monthly wagers.

The new token will give holders daily passive rewards based on the casino’s success. This is the first time a GameFi token has employed such a measure.

Holders also get access to limited edition NFTs, early bird bonuses, exclusive advantages and on-platform features, a referral program, and more.

The current Mega Dice token presale price is $0.069, but this will rise throughout the campaign, so potential buyers must act quickly.

5th Scape

5th Scape is a leading cryptocurrency in the VR domain. Intertwining VR and blockchain technology, 5th Scape vies to revolutionize the gaming industry with heightened experiences, asset ownership, and much more.

The project is also working on proprietary VR headsets and gaming chairs to amplify its industry-leading user experience.


5th Scape’s venture begins with a 3D mixed martial arts-themed game called Cage Conquest, which will be succeeded by cricket, soccer, archery, and racing games.

Its native token, $5SCAPE, will transfer value through the ecosystem while also showering holders with perks and utilities. 

These include lifetime free access to the ecosystem, exclusive in-game advantages, early access and community interaction, and more.

The project is currently undergoing a presale. However, market participants wanting to buy 5th Scape should act quickly because the presale price will rise throughout the campaign. The next uptick will occur when the total raise hits $6.25 million. It is currently at $5.8 million.


Render is a leading cryptocurrency with exposure to several of the most prominent and emerging industry narratives.

At its core, Render is a marketplace that enables the transacting of computational power from GPUs.

Its use case has become more prominent recently as the AI sector thrives, which has skyrocketed demand for computation to train more powerful models.

Render is one of the largest AI cryptocurrencies, but its network can also be used for graphics rendering. As such, the project also boasts exposure to the VR, gaming, media, and medical sectors.

Render’s use case has earned it the “Nvidia of crypto” title. With that in mind, D0C Crypto speculates “massive RNDR upside trends,” should this month’s Nvidia earnings call go well.

RNDR is currently priced at $10.8, down 0.4% today, up 7.7% this week, and up 34% this month. It holds a $4.1 billion market cap and a $237 million 24-hour trading volume.


Another crypto enjoying monumental interest recently is Toncoin. This is a Telegram-native layer 1 blockchain that provides the social media platform’s 900 million users with seamless access to crypto.

Through innovations like account abstraction, Toncoin users enjoy an unrivalled onboarding process into the on-chain crypto domain, laying the way for mass adoption.

Toncoin has gained massive traction recently, with one of its most exciting innovations being the launch of USDT. 

This delivers instant and free cross-border payments and the Toncoin team claims this is “as easy as sending a text message.”

Currently, TON is trading at $7.35, up 6.4% today, 20.1% this week, and 8.7% this month. It holds a $25.5 billion market cap and a $547 million 24-hour trading volume, up 119% today.

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