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BlockDAG’s V2 Whitepaper & Las Vegas Sphere Event Drive 20,000% Growth, Shading The Graph and Worldcoin News

The cryptocurrency world is buzzing with news about BlockDAG’s Whitepaper V2 release, showcased in the Sphere, Las Vegas. This document outlines a future where BlockDAG becomes a leading force because of its scalable structure, diverse revenue sources, and accessible mining options. 

Comparing it with cryptocurrencies like The Graph (GRT) and Worldcoin reveals why BlockDAG draws attention from investors and miners, offering a staggering 30,000% income increase.

The Graph (GRT) Price Dynamics

The Graph has been gaining momentum, with its price reflecting the growing interest in decentralised applications. As a critical infrastructure piece for querying blockchain data, The Graph supports numerous blockchain projects, increasing its price. Its utility in providing fast and accurate data to applications has made it an essential asset in the crypto market, showing a promising increase in value. However, while The Graph’s price trajectory is impressive, the underlying technology and scalability often draw comparisons to newer technologies like BlockDAG.


Worldcoin’s Innovative Approach

Worldcoin recently earned approval from Ethereum’s founder, marking a significant endorsement of its unique global digital identity system vision. This project aims to address identity verification within the blockchain space, offering a solution that could enhance security and accessibility across various platforms. The Ethereum founder’s endorsement of Worldcoin suggests it could benefit the entire cryptocurrency world. Yet, even with this innovation, Worldcoin’s approach differs from the scalable and miner-friendly model that BlockDAG’s Whitepaper V2  proposes.

Investors’ Review About BlockDAG 30,000x ROI Potential 

BlockDAG stands out with its advanced architecture, as detailed in its Whitepaper V2. The scalable DAG structure, designed to integrate with blockchain security, enables parallel transaction processing, significantly increasing throughput and reducing bottlenecks. This technology ensures efficiency and security and promises scalability to meet growing demands.

Moreover, BlockDAG introduces diverse income streams for participants. From mining rewards facilitated by ASIC compatibility and mining pools to referral bonuses and the potential for Proof of Engagement rewards, BlockDAG offers various income sources. These options make mining and participation more accessible, attracting a broad community of miners and investors.


In Las Vegas, the technical whitepaper’s unveiling highlighted BlockDAG’s innovative solutions and signalled its readiness to scale. With BDAG in Batch 6 priced at an enticing $0.0035 and batches quickly selling out up to the final Batch 45, the presale and mining metrics are impressive. BlockDAG has already raised $12.4 million in presale and over $2 million in miner sales, with over 4200 miners and 6.3 Billion coins sold. These figures underscore the community’s belief in BlockDAG’s 30,000% Returns post-technical whitepaper release.

Why BlockDAG Gets Attention

BlockDAG is not just another crypto project. Its Recent release of Whitepaper V2 at the Sphere, Las Vegas, has set a new standard for innovation and scalability in the blockchain world. With features like scalable DAG structure, diverse income streams, and user-friendly mining options, BlockDAG is ready for significant growth. Its successful presale and miner sales further attest to its potential, making it a top crypto asset with a promising future.

For readers looking to tap into a 30,000% profit from the top crypto assets, BlockDAG presents a golden opportunity. The project’s innovative approach and strong community support highlight its potential to mint serious wealth for its community.


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