8 Best Cheap Crypto to Buy Now in April 2024

Looking for the best cheap crypto to buy right now? With the crypto market constantly evolving, it’s essential to stay ahead and identify promising investment opportunities. 

In this article, we’ll explore the top cryptocurrencies that offer significant potential for growth while still being affordable to invest in. Whether you’re a seasoned investor or new to the crypto space, we’ll provide insights into the best crypto to buy now, helping you make informed investment decisions. 

From innovative projects like Pikamoon to emerging trends like AI, discover the top crypto to invest in and seize the opportunity to maximize your returns.

8 Best Cheap Crypto to Buy Now in April 2024

If you’re looking to invest in cryptocurrencies with high potential upside, but don’t want to break the bank, then these eight options are worth considering.

1. Pikamoon (PIKA): With a low price point and promising future, Pikamoon has the potential to explode in value due to its strong community support and innovative gaming platform.

2. Ripple (XRP): Despite being one of the top cryptocurrencies, XRP remains relatively affordable. Its partnership with major banks and focus on cross-border payments make it an attractive investment.

3. Cardano (ADA): Known for its advanced blockchain technology, Cardano has shown significant growth potential. Its scalability and focus on regulatory compliance make it a reputable investment option.

4. Fantom (FTM): As a blockchain platform that offers fast and secure transactions, Fantom has gained attention from investors. Its recent partnerships and ambitious roadmap suggest potential for significant future growth.

5. Measurable Data Token (MDT): With an aim to revolutionize data ownership, MDT offers opportunities for individuals to monetize their data while ensuring privacy. Its unique concept makes it an appealing investment choice.

6. Clearpool (CPOOL): Clearpool offers a decentralized exchange and liquidity provider, focusing on reducing costs for market participants. Its disruptive technology and low market capitalization create potential for substantial upside.

7. Ankr (ANKR): ANKR provides a user-friendly infrastructure solution for blockchain, enabling developers to easily deploy and maintain nodes. Its cost-effective approach and growing demand make it a promising investment.

8. Fetch.AI (FET): Utilizing artificial intelligence and blockchain technology, Fetch.AI aims to revolutionize digital economies. Its partnerships with major industry players and innovative ecosystem make it an intriguing investment opportunity.

Pros and Cons of Buying Cheap Cryptocurrencies

Buying cheap cryptocurrencies can be an appealing investment strategy for many investors, but it comes with its own set of pros and cons. Here’s a breakdown of the advantages and disadvantages of buying cheap cryptocurrencies:


1. Potential for High Returns: Cheap cryptocurrencies have the potential for significant price appreciation, especially if they experience rapid growth or gain popularity within the market. Investors who buy in at low prices can realize substantial returns if the value of the cryptocurrency increases.

2. Diversification: Investing in cheap cryptocurrencies allows investors to diversify their portfolio. By spreading their investment across multiple assets, investors can reduce their risk exposure and increase the likelihood of capturing gains from different market sectors.

3. Affordability: Cheap cryptocurrencies are often more accessible to retail investors with limited capital. Investors can purchase larger quantities of cheap cryptocurrencies compared to more expensive ones, allowing them to build a more substantial position within their budget.

4. Early Adoption Potential: Some cheap cryptocurrencies represent early-stage projects or emerging technologies with the potential for future growth. Investing in these projects early on can offer the opportunity to participate in their development and potentially benefit from their success as they gain traction in the market.

5. Learning Opportunities: Investing in cheap cryptocurrencies can provide valuable learning experiences for investors. It allows them to gain firsthand experience in navigating the cryptocurrency market, conducting research, and analyzing investment opportunities without risking significant capital.


1. Higher Risk: Cheap cryptocurrencies often have smaller market capitalizations and lower liquidity compared to larger, more established cryptocurrencies. This makes them more susceptible to price volatility, manipulation, and sudden price fluctuations, resulting in higher investment risk.

2. Limited Information and Transparency: Many cheap cryptocurrencies lack comprehensive information, transparency, and regulatory oversight. Investors may encounter challenges in conducting thorough due diligence and assessing the credibility of the projects, teams, and technologies behind these cryptocurrencies.

3. Higher Potential for Losses: While cheap cryptocurrencies have the potential for high returns, they also pose a higher risk of losses. Investments in cheap cryptocurrencies may experience significant price swings, and investors could lose a substantial portion or even the entirety of their investment if the value of the cryptocurrency declines.

4. Market Saturation and Competition: The market for cheap cryptocurrencies is highly saturated, with thousands of projects competing for attention and investment. Identifying quality projects with genuine potential amidst the noise can be challenging, and investors may struggle to differentiate between legitimate projects and scams or pump-and-dump schemes.

5. Lack of Liquidity: Cheap cryptocurrencies often have lower trading volumes and liquidity, which can lead to challenges in buying or selling large quantities of the asset without significantly impacting the market price. Illiquidity can also make it difficult for investors to exit their positions quickly, especially during periods of market stress or downturns.

Overall, while buying cheap cryptocurrencies can offer the potential for high returns and diversification, investors should approach these investments with caution and conduct thorough research to mitigate risks and make informed decisions. It’s essential to balance the potential rewards with the inherent risks and consider factors such as project fundamentals, market dynamics, and risk tolerance when investing in cheap cryptocurrencies.

Detailed Analysis of the Best Cheap Crypto to Buy Now

  1. Pikamoon

Pikamoon is a cryptocurrency project that aims to revolutionize the play-to-earn gaming industry and the broader community-driven metaverse. It was conceived by a group of passionate gamers in November 2022 with the goal of creating a AAA-grade play-to-earn game inspired by popular titles like Pokémon. 

Pikamoon’s vision includes challenging industry giants and offering a unique gaming experience within the Web3 ecosystem. Since its inception, Pikamoon has gained significant traction in the crypto community. With a fully doxxed team and a beta for users to test, the excitement is palpable.

Since its launch, Pikamoon has been making waves in the crypto space, with notable achievements and exciting developments that make it a top contender among cheap cryptocurrencies to buy in April 2024.

During its initial launch, Pikamoon experienced an impressive 300% price pump, soaring its circulating market cap to around $30,000,000. Despite this significant milestone, Pikamoon remains considerably smaller compared to industry giants like Axie Infinity, The Sandbox, and Illuvium, presenting investors with a unique opportunity to get in on the ground floor of a promising project.

Pikamoon’s exceptional performance was further underscored by its status as the highest gainer on leading exchanges such as BITGET and MEXC. Rumors of listings on additional Tier-1 exchanges have also been circulating, hinting at the project’s potential for further growth and exposure on a global scale.

Furthermore, the Pikamoon team’s deep understanding of Web3 culture was evident at a recent Web3 party, where they collaborated with Corey from Project-X, showcasing their commitment to immersing themselves in the decentralized ecosystem. Additionally, the team has forged partnerships with over 100 global influencers, amplifying Pikamoon’s reach and visibility within the crypto community.

With a rapidly growing community boasting over 30,000 followers and 12,000+ Telegram members, Pikamoon has solidified its position as the number 1 Low Market Cap gaming token on the market. As the GameFi sector continues to gain momentum, Pikamoon is poised to exceed the massive heights witnessed in previous bull runs.

When comparing Pikamoon’s market cap to tokens like AXS, ILV, and SAND from previous bull markets, it becomes evident that Pikamoon offers unparalleled potential for exponential growth and substantial returns on investment.

Pikamoon represents a compelling investment opportunity among cheap cryptocurrencies, offering investors the chance to capitalize on its meteoric rise and promising future in the evolving crypto landscape.

  1. XRP (XRP)

XRP (XRP), commonly known as Ripple, emerges as a compelling option in the realm of cheap cryptocurrencies to buy. This digital currency and payment protocol offer swift and cost-effective solutions for global money transfers. With its remarkable speed and low transaction costs, XRP stands out as an attractive investment opportunity in the cryptocurrency market. 

Despite facing criticism and legal challenges, XRP remains a promising asset, poised to disrupt traditional payment systems and foster a more inclusive financial landscape. As investors seek affordable cheap cryptocurrencies with potential for growth, XRP stands out as a noteworthy candidate among the best cheap crypto to invest in now.

XRP to US Dollar Price Chart showing historical price movements and trends.
  1. Cardano (ADA)

Cardano (ADA) emerges as a compelling choice among the best cheap cryptocurrencies to buy now. As a decentralized platform co-founded by Charles Hoskinson, Cardano aims to revolutionize blockchain technology with its focus on security, sustainability, and scalability.

What sets Cardano apart is its commitment to scientific research and peer-reviewed protocols, ensuring a reliable and robust infrastructure. Utilizing the Ouroboros proof-of-stake consensus algorithm, Cardano achieves energy efficiency and faster transactions, making it an environmentally friendly and cost-effective option.

Moreover, Cardano prioritizes governance and transparency, allowing the community to participate in decision-making processes through democratic voting. Its native cryptocurrency, ADA, serves multiple purposes within the ecosystem, including transactions, payments, and staking for passive income.

With ongoing partnerships with esteemed organizations like New Balance and the Ethiopian government, Cardano demonstrates its potential to transform various industries.

Overall, Cardano’s commitment to scientific rigor, sustainability, and community involvement positions it as a cornerstone of the decentralized future. As it navigates through its roadmap, Cardano presents an exciting opportunity for investors seeking affordable options with long-term growth potential in the cryptocurrency market.

ADA to US Dollar Price Chart showing historical price movements and trends.
  1. Fantom (FTM)

Fantom (FTM) emerges as a top contender among the best cheap cryptocurrencies to buy now, showcasing its potential as a scalable and high-performance blockchain platform. 

Fantom boasts low transaction fees, facilitated by its native token, FTM. This cost-effectiveness makes Fantom an attractive option for developers and businesses seeking affordable solutions for their blockchain needs.

Fantom also offers a suite of developer tools, designed to streamline the process of building and deploying dApps on its platform. With its user-friendly interface and extensive documentation, Fantom empowers developers to harness its capabilities and create innovative applications tailored to various industries.

Furthermore, Fantom’s ecosystem includes Fantom Opera, an integrated smart contract platform that supports the creation and execution of decentralized applications. This enables developers to leverage smart contracts to automate processes and establish trustless systems, opening up endless possibilities for dApp development.

As Fantom evolves and expands its capabilities, it remains a prominent player in the blockchain industry, poised to shape the decentralized landscape for years to come.

FTM to US Dollar Price Chart showing historical price movements and trends.
  1. Measurable Data Token (MDT)

Amidst the thousands of cryptocurrencies, Measurable Data Token (MDT) emerges as a revolutionary concept reshaping the landscape of data utilization and monetization in the digital realm. In an era where data holds immense value, MDT offers a distinctive solution that benefits both data providers and consumers alike.

MDT leverages blockchain technology to ensure transparency, security, and immutability of data. By granting individuals greater control over their personal data, MDT enables them to monetize it by selling to data consumers, such as advertisers, while preserving their privacy. This empowers individuals to capitalize on their own data rather than relinquishing it to large corporations free of charge.

Central to MDT’s functionality is its tokenization of data, facilitating seamless transferability and exchange of data assets. Through MDT tokens, consumers can access specific datasets, while data providers are rewarded based on the value of their data. This establishes a fair and transparent marketplace where the true worth of data can be accurately quantified.

A notable application of MDT lies in targeted advertising, where it revolutionizes conventional methods by providing advertisers direct access to high-quality, targeted data. This enhances the efficacy of advertising campaigns while offering users more relevant and personalized advertisements.

With its innovative utilization of blockchain technology, tokenization, and incentives for data quality, MDT stands as one of the best cheap cryptocurrencies to buy right now, poised to revolutionize the sharing, accessibility, and monetization of data in the digital age.

MDT to US Dollar Price Chart showing historical price movements and trends.
  1. Clearpool (CPOOL)

Clearpool (CPOOL) stands out as a cutting-edge financial technology firm, offering innovative electronic trading solutions tailored for global markets. With its advanced electronic trading platform, Clearpool is revolutionizing how institutional traders execute their orders, providing an efficient and cost-effective solution to navigate today’s complex trading landscape.

At the heart of Clearpool’s offerings lies its unique Clearpool Execution Management System (EMS), which harnesses sophisticated algorithms and smart-order router technology. This EMS empowers traders to execute orders across multiple venues, including exchanges, dark pools, and alternative trading systems, while optimizing execution quality and minimizing costs.

Transparency is a cornerstone principle at Clearpool, and the firm is committed to providing full visibility and control to its clients. Through its unique transparency dashboard, traders can monitor all order routing decisions made by the smart-order router, ensuring compliance with best execution practices and regulatory requirements.

In addition to its technological prowess, Clearpool distinguishes itself through exceptional customer support. Its experienced team of trading and technology professionals is dedicated to delivering personalized service, assisting clients in optimizing their trading strategies and addressing any concerns.

Clearpool has earned a solid reputation in the industry as a trusted partner for institutional traders seeking to streamline their operations and maximize execution efficiency. The firm’s commitment to innovation, transparency, and client-centricity has garnered a growing client base and established it as the top crypto to purchase before the imminent bull run.

CPOOL to US Dollar Price Chart showing historical price movements and trends.
  1. Ankr (ANKR)

Ankr (ANKR) emerges as a promising cryptocurrency project, poised to revolutionize the cloud computing industry by introducing decentralized solutions. Founded in 2017, Ankr aims to harness blockchain technology to create a more secure, efficient, and cost-effective cloud infrastructure.

In an industry dominated by a few major players, Ankr seeks to disrupt the status quo by democratizing cloud computing. By decentralizing the infrastructure, Ankr empowers individuals and businesses to own, manage, and monetize their computing resources, thereby reducing costs and increasing transparency.

The ANKR token serves as the backbone of the Ankr network, functioning as a utility token required for accessing and utilizing platform services. Participants can earn ANKR tokens by contributing computing power and then utilize them to rent cloud resources, deploy applications, or trade them on cryptocurrency exchanges.

Ankr (ANKR) stands as a groundbreaking project, poised to reshape the cloud computing landscape. Through blockchain technology, Ankr offers a decentralized, secure, and affordable cloud infrastructure, with the potential to make cloud services more accessible and transparent for all. As one of the top crypto investments to buy right now, Ankr represents an innovative solution with far-reaching implications for the future of cloud computing.

ANKR to US Dollar Price Chart showing historical price movements and trends.
  1. Fetch.Ai (FET)

Fetch.AI is a groundbreaking project aiming to revolutionize the digital economy by merging artificial intelligence (AI) with blockchain technology. Launched in 2017, Fetch.AI quickly gained recognition for its decentralized problem-solving approach.

At its core, Fetch.AI envisions an open, decentralized network where autonomous agents handle tasks like data analysis and decision-making. These AI-powered agents learn from their environments and collaborate to achieve goals, creating a new digital economy where agents sell skills, knowledge, and data.

Central to Fetch.AI’s infrastructure is the Fetch blockchain, tailored for high-throughput and low-latency tasks. It offers a secure, scalable platform for executing smart contracts and managing transactions, ensuring network trustworthiness and transparency.

The Fetch.AI network employs a unique consensus mechanism called Proof-of-Use (PoU). Unlike energy-intensive proof-of-work algorithms, PoU rewards participants for contributing computational power and data, reducing energy consumption and promoting platform adoption.

In short, Fetch.AI is a project that could change how we use technology and money. By combining AI and blockchain, it’s creating a network where smart programs can work together and help us in new ways. And because it’s still growing, it might be a good opportunity to invest in one of the best cryptos under $1 with 100x potential.

FET to US Dollar Price Chart showing historical price movements and trends.

How To Pick a Cheap Crypto to Buy

Picking a cheap crypto to buy can be a daunting task, but with careful research and consideration, you can increase your chances of making a wise investment decision. Here are some steps to help you pick a cheap crypto to buy:

1. Research the Market: Start by researching the cryptocurrency market to get a better understanding of the different coins available. Look at their prices, market capitalization, trading volume, and historical performance.

2. Understand the Technology: Take the time to understand the technology behind each cryptocurrency you’re interested in. Learn about its use case, features, and how it differs from other cryptocurrencies.

3. Assess the Team and Community: Look into the development team behind the cryptocurrency and their experience in the industry. Also, assess the size and activity of the community supporting the project, as a strong community can indicate long-term viability.

4. Evaluate the Use Case: Consider the real-world problem that the cryptocurrency is aiming to solve. Assess whether there is a genuine need for the technology and whether it has the potential for widespread adoption.

5. Check for Partnerships and Adoption: Look for partnerships with established companies or institutions that could indicate potential for growth and adoption of the cryptocurrency.

6. Review the Roadmap: Check the project’s roadmap to see what milestones it has achieved and what plans it has for future development. A clear and achievable roadmap can indicate a well-planned project.

7. Consider the Risk: Understand that investing in cryptocurrencies, especially cheaper ones, carries inherent risks. Be prepared to potentially lose your investment and only invest what you can afford to lose.

By following these steps and conducting thorough research, you can increase your chances of picking a cheap crypto to buy that has the potential for growth and success in the future.

Best Crypto To Buy Now: Conclusion

In conclusion, the cryptocurrency market presents a myriad of opportunities for investors seeking affordable options with significant growth potential. Our exploration of the 8 best cheap crypto to buy now in April 2024 has shed light on innovative projects and emerging trends that offer promising investment opportunities.

From Pikamoon’s revolutionary approach to gaming and community-driven metaverse to established cryptocurrencies like XRP and Cardano, each of these options presents unique advantages and potential for growth. Whether you’re interested in decentralized finance, blockchain infrastructure, or the intersection of AI and blockchain technology, there’s a cryptocurrency to suit your investment preferences.

As with any investment, it’s crucial to conduct thorough research, assess risk factors, and consider your investment goals before making any decisions. While cheap cryptocurrencies may offer the potential for high returns, they also come with inherent risks, including volatility and market uncertainty.

By staying informed, diversifying your portfolio, and exercising caution, you can position yourself to capitalize on the opportunities presented by the evolving cryptocurrency market. Whether you’re a seasoned investor or new to the crypto space, the 8 best cheap crypto highlighted in this article serve as compelling options to consider in your investment journey.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. What is the cheapest best crypto to buy?

The cheapest best crypto to buy can vary depending on various factors such as market conditions, project fundamentals, and potential for growth. Currently, Pikamoon (PIKA) is gaining attention as an affordable option with promising potential. 

2. Which crypto is best to invest now?

The best crypto to invest in now depends on individual investment goals, risk tolerance, and market analysis. Some investors may prefer established cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin or Ethereum, while others may seek opportunities in emerging projects like Pikamoon (PIKA) with high growth potential. Conducting due diligence and staying informed about market trends can help identify promising investment opportunities.

3. Which crypto is best for low investment?

Several cryptocurrencies are suitable for low investment, allowing investors to diversify their portfolios without significant capital outlay. Pikamoon (PIKA) is one such option, offering a relatively low entry point compared to larger cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin or Ethereum. Additionally, altcoins like Cardano (ADA), Ripple (XRP), or FET are also viable choices for investors looking to start with a modest investment.

4. Which crypto can give 1000x in 2024?

Predicting which cryptocurrency will experience a 1000x increase in value by 2024 is challenging and speculative. While some emerging projects may have the potential for significant growth, such as Pikamoon (PIKA), it’s essential to approach such predictions with caution and conduct thorough research before investing.

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