“You are Making a Mockery of the US Government”: Crypto Community Slams SEC’s Ripple Appeal

In a recent development, the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) has filed a reply memorandum, pushing for an intermediary appeal in the ongoing Ripple case. This move has raised eyebrows, as the SEC has accused Ripple of deliberately prolonging the legal process for its own gain. The cryptocurrency community is abuzz with speculation, and notable figures have chimed in on the matter.

Prominent crypto influencer Mr. Huber voiced his concerns, warning that even a Supreme Court ruling might not suffice to rein in the SEC’s actions.

Ripple CLO’s Counter Punch

Stuart Alderoty, Ripple’s Chief Legal Officer, fired back stating that despite years of the SEC chairperson insisting that “rules are clear and must be obeyed,” the commission now pleads for an urgent appeal to solve “knotty legal problems.” Ripple is more than ready to hold the SEC accountable for its fickle stance.

What is the SEC’s Plan?

Bill Morgan, an Australian lawyer, and digital asset enthusiast, criticised the SEC for mischaracterizing Judge Torres’s ruling. He also pointed out several discrepancies in the SEC’s portrayal of the court’s conclusions, essentially concluding that “The SEC is in trouble in this motion.”

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Crypto commentator Ashley Prosper took to Twitter to express her strong opinion, stating that the SEC is making a “mockery of the U.S. government and its judicial system.” She suggested that sanctions might be warranted due to what she perceives as the SEC’s misuse of judicial resources. Ashley also urged the SEC to expedite the case’s resolution, allowing companies to operate in the U.S. without the constant fear of legal troubles.

With viewpoints fluctuating between criticism and support, one thing is crystal clear: the Ripple vs SEC case isn’t just a legal battle; it’s rapidly becoming a crucible for the future of cryptocurrency law in America.

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