Binance.US vs SEC Lawsuit: Risk or FUD?

Binance is the world’s largest crypto exchange as per trading and one of the most credible in the cryptocurrency world. With a daily volume of $76 Billion, it caters to more than 90 Million global customers.

The massive exchange supports an entire ecosystem to offer innumerable services. The men behind this mission are Changpeng Zhao, commonly known as CZ, and Yi He created Binance.

However, even giants face challenges. Recent data indicates a concerning trend for Binance. With industry concerns over the declining trading volume of Binance, let’s check this out in detail. 

Is Binance Less Dominant With Declining Trading Volume?

In April 2023, as per CCdata, spot trading volume on the platform saw a significant dip, plummeting by 48%. 

This decline marked the second consecutive month of reduced trading activity, with the volume dropping to $287 billion, reminiscent of the lows in 2021. Binance’s market share also witnessed a contraction, settling at 46%.

This decline isn’t isolated to Binance. The entire industry of centralized exchanges reported a 40% drop in spot trading volume, the lowest since the previous December. 

Financial gurus attribute this downtrend to various macroeconomic factors, including looming recession threats and the collapse of several U.S. banks.

Yet, in the face of these challenges, Binance’s dominance remains unshaken. Its closest competitors, Coinbase and OKX, only managed to capture 5.60% and 5.39% of the total spot trading volume, respectively.

In short, while Binance continues to be a significant player in the crypto world, it is not immune to the challenges and fluctuations of the market. The recent decline in trading volumes serves as a reminder of the volatile nature of the crypto industry. 

However, the declining trading volumes are only one of the roadblocks for Binance. 

SEC’s Concerns with Binance US

The Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) expresses concerns about Binance US’s operations. Moreover, the District Court of Columbia recently ordered to unseal the documents on 15th September. This hints at the Court’s belief that the SEC’s argument of Binance US might be misleading about its operation. 

The regulatory body has been particularly interested in the deposition requests for key figures like the former Binance US CEO, Brian Schroeder. The SEC’s inquiries stem from suspicions that Binance US might not comply with a consent order the two parties agreed upon earlier.

Adding to the concerns, Binance US has reportedly lost two more high-level executives shortly after the departure of CEO Brian Schroeder. The head of legal and the chief risk officer have exited the company, intensifying the scrutiny the platform is under. 

Such high-profile departures in quick succession have led to speculations about the internal workings and health of the company.

While Binance US is a smaller entity than its global counterpart, its recent developments have implications for the broader crypto industry. The platform’s challenges highlight the regulatory hurdles crypto exchanges face and the importance of transparency and compliance in this rapidly evolving sector.

BNB Price Analysis

With the declining social sentiments with multiple regulatory and treading volume troubles, the BNB price is down, too. Trading at 69% below its all-time high, the year-to-date growth of BNB coin price is -12%. 

The declining trend forms a falling wedge pattern in the 1-day chart that generally leads to a bullish breakout. Moreover, the BNB price action forms a double bottom pattern at the crucial psychological support of $200.

Currently, the BNB price is trading at $214 as buyers challenge the overhead supply trendline in hopes of a breakout. Considering the breakout occurs, the unleashed trapped momentum will help BNB price in a moonshot. 

Potentially crossing the $250 mark, the uptrend might reclaim the $300 level, accounting for almost a 50% jump. On the flip side, a drop below $200 will plunge BNB price to $180 or even as low as $150. 

Despite the ongoing troubles, Binance Labs, the venture arm of Binance, remains undeterred. As it focuses on the future and supports the DeFi ecosystem with unwavering commitment.

What’s New With Binance Labs?

Binance Labs, the venture capital and incubation arm of Binance, has been actively supporting the DeFi sector through strategic investments and collaborations.

Reinforcing Security with Curve Finance

In a move that underscores its commitment to enhancing the DeFi landscape’s security, Binance Labs recently invested $5 million into Curve DAO Token (CRV). This strategic investment aims to bolster Curve’s security infrastructure, especially after a recent hack that saw a significant loss.  

ColLabs: Building a Web3 Investment Community

Understanding the importance of collaboration and knowledge exchange in the Web3 space, Binance Labs introduced ColLabs. This exclusive Web3 investment community is designed for founders, builders, and investors, serving as a nexus for innovation and growth.

Through ColLabs, members gain access to exclusive content, event invites, and insights, fostering connections and facilitating the sharing of investment opportunities.

Pendle Finance: Redefining Yield Generation

Binance Labs’ investment in Pendle Finance showcases its vision for the future of DeFi. Pendle Finance, a protocol enabling the tokenization and trading of yield, is at the forefront of multi-chain expansion and innovative yield strategies. 

With Binance Labs’ support, Pendle aims to redefine yield generation, making it more accessible and efficient for users across various blockchain ecosystems.


Binance, despite its recent hurdles, continues to showcase resilience and innovation. Through strategic investments and a commitment to transparency, Binance is navigating its challenges and laying the foundation for a brighter future in the DeFi landscape. 

As legal battles are tough to predict, no one knows where the SEC case might lead. However, with the executives leaving, the SEC might have a stronger case. 

Meanwhile, the BNB price ignores the legality for the moment and hints at a bullish reversal. So, if you plan to invest in BNB, be careful and up-to-date with the legal actions.

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