CEO of Real Vision Raoul Pal Presents Potential Roadmap For Ethereum!

With a $21.5 billion trading volume, Ethereum is at its highest position in several months at the moment and has recently seen a spike in interest and amazingly, that is a gain of about 25% in the last 24 hours. One of the rare cryptocurrency success stories in recent weeks has been Ethereum as the market has seen a decline in the majority of cryptocurrency tokens over the past few weeks.Raoul Pal, the CEO of Real Vision, is presenting a potential roadmap for Ethereum, the top smart contract platform (ETH). According to Pal, the majority of traders are holding at low volumes in search of entry points with lower entry costs.Will Inflation Decline in the Coming Months?The “bigger battle,” according to the former Goldman Sachs executive, will start when ETH reaches $2,300 and is “the trend channel.” He believes that, in the majority of cases, corrective channels like this don’t break on the first try and correct severely into the range first, although that won’t likely happen for a few weeks.“I still think the path of pain is higher as most participants are still underweight and looking for lower entry points. Most people expect a failure in this zone of resistance…”According to Pal’s macroeconomic viewpoint, inflation will considerably decline during the next 18 months. He says that commodity inflation is quickly fading into history  (let’s see in the next cycle).). Rent increases, mortgage sticker inflation, and other trailing indicators will all eventually slow down as the economy weakens.“My view is that inflation may well be negative in 18 months’ time. Same as 2008. YoY comps get really, really, really hard in a year’s time. Bonds are still the wrong price, even if the Fed follows lagging data. The 2’s 10’s swaps yield curve is now most negative since data began.”Was this writing helpful?

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