Audius (AUDIO) Price Prediction 2022, 2023, 2024, 2025

If you are acquainted with the music biz, you must be aware of how middlemen typically take advantage of the musicians. Audius intends to counter this setback by enabling artists to publish their music and engage with their audience without involving any intermediaries. The platform’s user interface is similarly very simple and easy to navigate.Audius offers comprehensive products for all aspiring musicians to expand their fan bases, develop and publish compositions, and monetize their job. This is done without entering into any agreements with the site.Additionally, it is a completely decentralized system constructed on open-source blockchain technology that accommodates about 500000 users each month. Are you contemplating whether to buy AUDIO on your next visit to the exchange? This AUDIO price prediction identifies reachable goals for 2022 and beyond!OverviewCryptocurrencyAudiusTokenAUDIOUSD Price$0.3564Market Cap$291,661,746Trading Volume$13,781,465Circulating Supply818,441,374.00 AUDIOAll-time high$4.99 (March 27th, 2021)All-time low$0.07774 (Nov 03rd, 2020)*The statistics are from press time. Audius (AUDIO) Price PredictionYearPotential LowAverage PricePotential High2022$0.4027$0.4733$0.56612023$0.509$0.698$0.95942024$0.7716$1.0139$1.44052025$1.1852$1.629$2.1839Audius (AUDIO) Price Prediction 2022The coin kickstarted the year on a bearish note, trading at $1.459 on the 7th of January. The token kept on rolling down to reach $0.8 towards the termination of the month. However, the token managed to recover the dip and rose to $1 again in February. The bounce up was short seen as the coin again tumbled down to $0.8 by the beginning of March.After several days of staying at the bottom AUDIO finally managed to hit the $1 mark again by the 4th of April. Howbeit, it got down to $0.8 by the 29th of April. Since then the coin has been in the bearish trend and was seen trading at $0.3519 on the 30th of June. Audius Price Prediction For Q3Audius seeks to decentralize the audio industry. The project holds the ability to alter the current business structure of the music world, which mainly depends on middlemen like record companies and radio stations. That being said, more and more artists could be interested in the project which could spike its value to $0.4637.The value may reach $0.3377 if the bears outnumber the bulls. Nevertheless, normal trade could maintain the cost at $0.3987.AUDIO Price Forecast For Q4The global units that run the Audius network collaborate to authenticate and retain all of the platform’s information. Each network node only retains a small percentage of the total information. So that the system would continue to run even if the single node were compromised. This enhanced security could spark its user base and land its price at $0.5661.Having said that, if little enthusiasm is shown for the virtual currency, it might trade at an average price of $0.4733. Value could drop to $0.4027 if unrecognized reasons cause the ecosystem to witness less engagement and adoption.Audius Price Forecast For 2023Comparing Audius to conventional centralized streaming platforms, the main advantages are enhanced scalability, heightened security, and resiliency to censorship. This could help the coin to take on the heat and its maximum cost could land at $0.9594.On the other hand, a surge in sell-offs brought on by broken promises and unfavourable remarks might drive the price as low as $0.509. Nevertheless, a balance between the forces of purchasing and selling might bring the cost to $0.698.AUDIO Price Prediction For 2024To enhance decentralized music streaming and unleash new features, Audius has collaborated with a variety of businesses. Its partners include TikTok, Solana, Cloudfare, etc. Moreover, the team is planning to come up with new similar partnerships to level up the system. Newer collaborations might help the coin peak at $1.4405.The value of the altcoin, on the other hand, might drop to $0.7716 if it becomes a target of the bears. With that said, $1.0139 may serve as the average price’s foundation.Audius Price Prediction For 2025Audius is a streaming network that bridges a gap in the conventional music industry, making it more than simply a cryptocurrency. Millions of people might use Audius’ services if it continues to onboard new subscribers at the same rate as it is doing currently. A great amount of demand could drive up the price to $2.1839.However, advancing competitors and a waning position could cause a drop to $1.1852. In conclusion, the absence of satisfying events may limit the price to $1.629.What Does The Market Say?Wallet InvestorThe platform has updated its AUDIO price prediction. By the conclusion of 2022, according to the website, the Audius cost will be roughly $0.030 on average. While the minimum and maximum targets are $0.0157 and $0.0470, respectively. By the course of 2025, the currency might increase to a maximum price of $0.0591.Digital Coin PriceThe value of Audius will eventually increase, predicts Digital Coin Price. Further data indicate that AUDIO may conclude the deal in 2022 at an average price of $0.47. The minimum and maximum price targets offered by the corporation are $0.44 and $0.51, respectively. Additionally, the company anticipates the pricier targets to be at $0.55 by 2023 and $0.78 by 2025.Price PredictionThe analysts from the website expect the AUDIO price to soar as high as $0.48 by the end of the ongoing year. has pinned the minimum and average closing targets for the year at $0.43 and $0.45 respectively. The firm foresees Audius to climb to its potential high of $1.58 by the end of 2025. Click here to read our price prediction of Kava (KAVA).What Is Audius?Audius is a well-known decentralized streaming music service operator. Audius offers comprehensive services for all aspiring musicians to develop their fan bases, develop and publish masterpieces, and monetize their performance. This is done without entering into any agreements with the users. Developed on open blockchain technology, Audius is a completely decentralized system that caters to about 500000 users each month. It aims to harmonize the goals of music lovers, musicians, and node operators through the potential of its AUDIO coin. The procedure is straightforward: musicians upload their music to the network. Data is stored and distributed by nodes upon request, and fans may listen whenever they wish. Additionally, the platform’s user interface is rather simple. Even non-crypto experts can utilize the integrated Hedgehog wallet platform with ease.Fundamental AnalysisAudius was originally developed on the POA network but is currently based on Solana. Shortfalls in the music business, including opaque licensing of music rights and middlemen intervening among artists and their audiences, led to the creation of Audius.Roneil Rumburg and Forrest Browning, two businessmen from California, launched Audius in 2018. The crew is supported by several other eminent figures, including Bing Gordon, co-founder of EA Games, Adam Goldberg, co-founder and managing director of Stanford Crypto, and prominent electronic music musician deadmau5.Besides all of this below are some of the core features of Audius –Security and Privacy – One of the potent features of Audius is its privacy, the network strives on storing minimal information in each node to minimize the risk. Content Monetization – With the condition that they stake AUDIO, musicians can utilize Audius to explore or distribute unreleased tracks. The network also promises to integrate artist tokens to make monetization easier.Free listening – Tracks are available for free listening, and in the future, users may be able to purchase AUDIO to support the success of musicians on the site. They can also display their authenticated NFTs.Greater control – Additionally, artists have the option to manage their content nodes and exert more control over how their artwork is distributed.Coinpedia’s Audius Price PredictionAudius does have a lot of potential for development in 2022. We estimate that the cost of AUDIO could approach $0.56 because of the anticipated announcements of various new collaborations and projects. The expected minimum price is $0.4, while the average trading price is $0.47.Historical Price Sentiments2020Audius was trading at $0.1 within the initial days of its launch.Moreover, the year didn’t carry any major bullish moves for the coin and the price fell to $0.09 in the middle of November.For a vast period of time, the coin continued to trade at around $0.12 and terminated the year on a bearish note.2021The year brought some hopes for the project as the price finally began shooting up and reached $1.02 in the middle of March.The bulls were ruling the market and the coin kept on rolling up to reach $2.56.Finally, the cost of Audius token reached an all-time high in March 2021 of $4.95.The currency was brutally dumped afterwards, suggesting that the market price was unstable.Wrapping UpThe goal of the virtual currency Audius (AUDIO) is to give people more control over their own songs and content. In fact, Audius (AUDIO) has several significant benefits over conventional cryptocurrencies, some of them include –ProsThe platform demands lesser transaction fees when compared to its rivals.The system delivers efficient transaction speeds.Its user interface is quite realistic and simple to use.Offers greater control to the artists as well as the music community.ConsThe platform does not offer copyright protection to its customers.The ecosystem is still new and has many rivals to beat.To read our price prediction of Optimism (OP) click here!FAQsQ: Is Audius a good investment?A: The protocol has a strong team supporting it and several cutting-edge traits that could disrupt the music industry. It can be a good investment in the long term.Q: Will AUDIO be able to cope with its bearish market?A: The coin has sound fundamentals and it might reach new highs if it brings in newer advancements and practical partnerships in the future.Q: What will be the worth of AUDIO by the end of 2022?A: The coin is anticipated to trade around an average cost of $0.4733 by the conclusion of 2022.Q: What will the minimum and maximum price of Audius be by the end of 2023?A: The coin can strike record levels with a maximum and minimum trading price of $0.9594 and $0.509 respectively by the end of 2023.Q: How high can the price of Audio go by the year 2025?A: The toke can break out of its bearish market to reach the highest trading price of $2.1839 by 2025.

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